Twitter Push.

Welcome to StreamBoard, a powerful new iOS app that lets you watch Twitter in Real-time, and help you follow any topic you want easier than ever before on Twitter.

Simply enter a keyword (or a few of them), and StreamBoard is capable of displaying every single new tweet that contains it from anywhere in the world in less than a second.
To help you find the tweets you really care about, StreamBoard even lets you filter these in real-time based on criterias such as location, follower count, language or whether a tweet contains links.

Real-Time simplification.

  • Search and track anything. Keywords, Stocks, Hashtags & more
  • Prioritize results by Location, Influence, Language, & Link Content
  • Filter search results in real-time to find and track what you want
  • Re-Tweet & interact natively with iOS 5 Twitter integration
  • Truly Universal: iPhone, iPad, Landscape Viewing Support & More

Oh yeah, and did we mention it's only $1.99?

Available on the Apple Store

"Mind-blowing to watch"

"I will use this at conferences. Does what it says. I used it to watch "app" keyword and found several new apps." - Robert Scoble


Search & Track Anything: Keywords, Stocks, Hashtags...

The second anyone in the world tweets something including your keyword, StreamBoard picks it up, and instantly displays it in a table. It's simple, but very useful if you like to track stuff on Twitter. Unlike the Twitter search tool, it doesn't have any rate limitations, and the tweets show up immediately, there is no need to refresh.

Prioritize By A Number Of Parameters

Streamboard's powerful filtering tools give you the power to prioritize your search results by a number of parameters, including; Distance In-Relation to you, Level of Influence of the source (number of Twitter followers), Spoken Language, and Link Content included in search result.

Track & Filter Search Results In Real-Time

What makes StreamBoard so special is that it is the very first app to take advantage of Twitter's Real-Time network infrastructure. It features no refresh setting or limitations. You can just leave it on, or launch it whenever you want, and it will plug you in right away. Traveling to a new city? Want to see what's going on at the conference without needing to know specific hashtags?


Search and track anything.

At a conference and want to see what's going on around you? Need to keep tabs on the latest financial news for your investment? Streamboard has you covered.

Power-prioritize your search results.

Streamboard is the most powerful Twitter search and track app with the ability to prioritize results by Location, Influence, Language, & Link Content.

Real-time streaming and tracking.

Real-time search results without the need to refresh or be hindered with search limitations. Enjoy Streamboard's painless streaming feature today!

Plugin to Twitter with iOS 5 Integration

Streamboard's iOS 5 Twitter integration ensures you'll be Re-Tweeting and interacting with Twitter natively and hassle-free.

Truly universal platform

Streamboard is coded on a universal platform that is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad. Also compatible in Landscape Viewing Mode.

World-Class Customer Support

This is a premium app backed with premium support. After purchasing, you have a hardline with our developers who are passionate in ensuring operability.

Access to updates

Streamboard is getting a facelift and releasing new, fantastic features to empower your searches even more. Enjoy free updates with your purchase.

Smooth Operator

Did we mention Streamboard offers some really, really smooth scrolling? Stream your updates in real-time without hassling with clunky updates!

Release Notes

What's new in Streamboard 3.0Released on Dec. 8, 2011

  • Location Filtering


What real users are saying about Streamboard

StreamBoard has received incredible acclaim from reviewers and app lovers all over the world. If you're into Twitter, News, or like to be first to find out about things, you will love StreamBoard

This is really a cool little app. I can watch any keyword. So, let's say you are looking for sports info on your favorite team. Just search for "49ers" or, if you are +Gary Vaynerchuk "Jets." You'll get so many tweets during a game you won't be able to read them. But here's the magic. You can set it to show you only tweets from a certain location. Or, only tweets from people who have more than 1,000 followers (greatly reduces the stream). That said, I love watching it. Especially when there's news breaking. It lets me setup a little news room in the airport (I have a separate version on my iPhone, that you can't see cause I used that to film this short video of my "mobile newsroom."
Robert Scoble
Surprisingly powerful yet simple to control an dial in to what you're looking for. Use this creatively with the link search operator to find some interesting things on Twitter. Just one of the many ideas I've tried with it. Nice!
by Tweeter777 (iTunes Review)
I've never seen any app that could keep up with a stream like this.
Mike Elgan
Will be using this next time I'm traveling for business or pleasure to see what's going on before I land. I love the ability to filter by distance relative to my current GPS location!
Comes in handy when you want to see what's going on through Twitter without having to know specific hashtags or continually refresh your screen to see updates. Thanks, Streamboard... very handy!
Tried this last time we were at a swapmeet and was interesting to see what was going on around us. Like a backstage pass!